6th July 2021

Damien Larkin – Blood Red Sand Blog Tour

I have been rather remiss about posting recently, to be fair not a lot has been going on during lockdown, but when I heard Damien had a new novel coming out and he very kindly sent me a review...

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26th November 2019

The Evil Within

I am thrilled to announce that my new supernatural thriller series is to be published by the wonderful Allison & Busby in March 2020 under my dark alter ego’s name of S. M. Hardy. For anyone who enjoyed my...

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11th May 2019

Interview with Damien Larkin – Author of Big Red

I recently had the privilege of being sent an advance review copy of the new Science Fiction novel Big Red by Damien Larkin. I will admit I am not usually a Military SciFi fan, I think I was put...

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2nd December 2018

Silver Santa

Silver Santa ‘For Christ’s sake, we’re not made of money! Why on earth did you buy that bloody awful thing?’ Sylvie stroked the figure’s long white beard. ‘Don’t be such a Grinch; he’s lovely. Anyway I thought you’d had...

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15th March 2018

What are you Reading at the Moment?

So – what are we all reading? I’m asking the question as my TBR pile is growing and growing and I’m so far behind it isn’t true. Consequently I’ve had to have a bit of a purge. To be...

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5th February 2018

When Fantasy Characters Demand Love Too

When you tell people you’re a writer one of the first questions is usually “what do you write?” Up until a few years ago I would have said fantasy and horror, simple as that. This all changed after I...

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22nd October 2017

Daemons are a Girl’s Best Friends

To celebrate the release of Bound, the third book in the Soulseer Chronicles in the U.S. on 7th November and a special Kindle edition of all three books on the 7th December I thought maybe I should post a...

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29th September 2017


Arrived yesterday in the beautiful city of Peterborough. Had a lovely evening catching up with old friends Pete and Diane Mclean with my writing pal Toni, who gallantly did the driving up here. And as for today - let...

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4th July 2017

Saying Goodbye to Old Friends

Well – it’s over. The last book in the Soulseer Chronicles series is due out this week. Of course I’m excited, but if I’m truthful I feel a bit strange about it, and actually rather sad. It probably sounds...

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1st June 2017

Is it June Already!

This year has sped by so fast, probably because I’ve been away quite a lot, so I do apologise for the lack of blogging this year. As one of the items on my Birthday bucket list was to write...

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