1st June 2017

Is it June Already!

This year has sped by so fast, probably because I’ve been away quite a lot, so I do apologise for the lack of blogging this year. As one of the items on my Birthday bucket list was to write at least one blog a month I feel like I’ve already failed.

On the plus side I have managed to tick off three promises to myself since April. I visited somewhere new – Gran Canaria, I took a turn on the Torquay wheel and I reached over 1000 Twitter followers. I’m also working on several of the other items on the list, so watch this space.

The big event for me this month is that my third book “Bound” is out on 29th June. I’ve already received my copies and they are rather lovely. I feel a bit strange about it though. Yes, I am excited, but on the other hand I’m saying goodbye to some very good friends who I’ve been living with for quite a few years. You see here’s the thing Lucky, Jamie and Jinx are as real to me as the other people I know; as are all the other characters. In my head they’re still living their lives in the Underlands.

Shenanigans and Kerfuffle are still supping ale in the Drakon’s Rest while pursuing their lady loves. Kubeck is probably helping out at his uncle’s jewellery workshop while Lucky is away with Jamie and Jinx somewhere and Baltheza is no doubt as paranoid as ever and thinks everyone is out to assassinate him.


Of course I am still writing and have new friends to love and fret about and I’m hoping that my readers will get to meet them and enjoy their stories too one day. Another reason to watch out for my blogs and Tweets.

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