14th November 2016

Winter Draws On

So winter draws on and I am within days of getting out the sticky labels and starting on the Christmas cards. I know, I know – we’ve only just hit mid November. Thing is if I don’t do them now there’s a danger they won’t get done at all. It’s not that I’m Mrs Scrooge, but I just run out of time and with so much going on at the moment that’s a distinct possibility.

Firstly – we’re setting off for Torquay tomorrow to see how all the works are going. Hopefully we’ll have a finished kitchen – more or less. The other thing I’ve been concentrating on is editing. Jo’s now got my latest effort of Bound, which I’m hoping is nearly there and I’ve also gone over my back catalogue; projects I’ve put on hold while concentrating on the Soulseer Chronicles. At Jo’s suggestion I’m trying to find an agent to help me sell my teen and YA novels, so that’s query letters, synopsises etc to prepare and send out.

In a couple of weeks I’ve also got the Society of Young Publishers conference coming up, and yes I know I’m a bit long in the tooth to be considered young, but they are very inclusive. Anyway my writing group buddies are both attending so I’m going along for the ride and also the SYP have some very good speakers who I’d like to hear. Then, before you know it, we’ll be in December and Christmas will be upon us.

By the way – remember to sign up for my newsletter as anyone who does before Christmas will be entered into a draw to win a signed copy of both books. I may even throw in one of my lovely Soulseer Chronicles stylus/pens, which are great to use with tablets.

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