9th July 2016

Retirement, Writing and TV

Well, it’s happened. I have at last retired from my job as a Practice Manager for an Arboricultural Consultancy to spend more time with my husband Howard who retired last year and to – of course – write!

I officially finished on the 30th June but I went back in last Friday just to help out with the VAT, but now I’m done except for maybe popping back to help my replacement, the lovely Emma, through the end of financial year process.

Last week felt a bit strange, like I was on holiday. Then yesterday afternoon after leaving the office for the last time I think it at last dawned on me that was it – job done!

So, what did I do last week? My priority was to make some changes to my third book Bound which I’d discussed with Jo and get the MS back to her for her comments. Hopefully if she’s happy with it we’ll be getting on with the editing. Howard and I also spent some time together catching up on some TV we’d recorded. I’m loving Bitten at the moment. I was put onto this by my good friend Richard who I met through work. His cousin lives in Canada and is the executive producer on the program so I just had to give it a look. It’s based on a series of books by Kelley Armstrong and although I haven’t read the books – yet – I think I will do after seeing the series.

The other program we’ve started watching is Outcast which stars Patrick Fugit and British actor Philip Glenister. It’s very creepy and so far I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m also watching another rather creepy show; The Living and the Dead which airs on Tuesday nights on BBC One.

Apart from that we’ve been walking into town each morning to pick up a paper and any shopping and one day we did walk to a nearby pub for a crafty tipple before lunch.

This picture is a few months old – but it shows what a pretty place our town is.


Next week is going to be quite busy. I’m going to a Fantasy writers’ get together Wednesday night in London and then off to Torquay Thursday evening for a few days. Then we’re on the run up to Nine Worlds in August, so if you’re going please come up and say “Hi”. I don’t bite – well, not often!

Another bit of news – I’m currently working with Spencer, a techie friend, on updating the website. So, coming soon a new and updated website.

By the way, I have a favour to ask – if you’ve read Marked or Cursed and enjoyed them could you put a review on Amazon or Goodreads – it doesn’t have to be long and would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Just thought I’d include a picture of the Koi!


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