23rd August 2015

Nine Worlds – Part Two

nine-wor-lds-1Typically as I was probably not going to see the light of day for two and a half days Friday morning was hot and sunny, but for once I didn’t mind missing out on a little bit of sunshine – when I left my hotel it was “Nine Worlds here I come”.

My first panel of the day was “Architecture of a great character” which was how to build a good character and give him or her life. The panel consisted of my fellow JFB author Sebastien de Castell together with Lucy Hounsom, Danie Ware, Liesel Schwartz, Leila Abu el Hawa and Al Robertson. I was just settling into my seat when Snorri turned up to join me so I didn’t spend my first panel all alone. As it happened it was so interesting it wouldn’t have been so bad, though it was nice to have some company.

As it happened the next panel I went to see (You’re in our world now – the invention of myths for a modern audience) was one on which Snorri was sitting along with fellow JFB author Tom Pollock. Emma Newman was the adjudicator and the other panellists were Emma’s husband Peter, Anna Caltabiano and Joanne Harris. Like the previous panel I attended the room was packed solid with quite a few people standing. The panel discussed ancient myths and how they could be woven into novels of today. Snorri writes novels about Vikings so this was right up his street. It was another interesting panel which I thoroughly enjoyed except for the interruption of two young ladies sitting next to me who seemed to think everyone in the back couple of rows would be more interested in what they had to say than the panel. Unfortunately they were oblivious to the glares from the row in front, but live and let live.

At this point I was in need of subsistence and on the way out of the room bumped into my editor, the lovely Nicola, Andy the JFB publicist with Snorri and Sebastien so we all went off to find food together.

We had a snack in the hotel bar which was very pleasant and once again it was great to be amongst other authors and people from within publishing to have a good old chat. Also I needed a bit of moral support – Saturday night I was to give my first reading and sit on my first panel “New Voices” about debut authors and not to put too fine a point on it I was terrified!

After lunch I wandered upstairs with Nicola, Andy as moral support for Sabastien who was doing a book signing. Needless to say he didn’t need us as there was soon a queue forming in front of the desk. I was glad I’d gone though as I was introduced to Cindy who was clutching my book. Cindy is a fantasy book reviewer and blogger from Belgium who had just written a review of Marked and was going to publish it as soon as she got home after Nine Worlds and you can see what she had to say at https://draumrkopablog.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/marked-the-soulseer-chronicles-1-sue-tingey/ .

Now – for anyone who has read “Marked” you will know it is about daemons, so when I saw there was a presentation about Demons and Possession by Demonologist Connor Warden I couldn’t resist! It was very interesting indeed and it was surprising how seriously possession is still taken by the church and some government agencies throughout the world. There were some light-hearted moments, but on the whole it was a very thought provoking talk.

Next I wandered back to Room 38 for a panel on Childhood influences with Kim Curran, Laura Lam, Taran Matharu, Alex Lamb, Ed Cox and Frances Hardinge. This was another very interesting panel discussing the importance of children’s books and whether they shape what authors write when they grow up. From experience I would say they probably do and that was the general opinion of the panel.

It was now time for a break as I had a party to go to – the Jo Fletcher Books Summer Party and Book Launch.

After a quick snack I got myself all spruced up and made my way back to Room 38 where the aforesaid bash was taking place. I arrived to a slight calamity – oh no! Jo told me the wine had gone missing! Fortunately before panic set in the wine appeared as if by magic and we were all set to party. A good few of the JFB authors were of course attending; Snorri, Sebastian and Tom who I’d already seen and I also got to catch up with the lovely Stephanie Saulter, Naomi Foyle and Tom Fletcher who I’d met at LonCon last summer. I also got to chat with a few people I’d never met before among others Stark Holborn and made a new friend Edward Partridge, who I’d met briefly at Fantasy in the Court, but hadn’t had a chance to have a real chat with.

It was a really good evening and by the time it finished at about ten I was ready for bed.


Two of the free books in my goody bag. Can’t wait to give them a try!

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