1st April 2016

It’s April!

As it turned out March wasn’t a lot better than January and February for losing famous names. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for April.

cursedI am now in the run up for the publication of Book 2 of the Soulseer Series “Cursed” – it will be out on the 5th May. Not that there’s a lot for me to do. I haven’t got any conferences to go to until Nine Worlds in August and of course FantasyCon in September, so until then I’m kicking my heels.


I’ve had a bit of good news about a foreign rights sale for Marked, but until it’s all been signed on the dotted line I’m not going to get overly excited – I don’t want to jinx it.

Nothing very exciting to report about the past month for me personally other than nearly burning the house down! I had an e-mail from my recently retired husband to say he’d noticed a burning smell coming from the lounge and found our leather stool thingy smoking from where the sun was shining into the room directly onto one of my crystal balls. I now have a ten pence sized blackened hole in the leather cushion! I suppose if I’d tried looking into the crystal ball rather than using it as a decoration I may have seen it coming! Tad dah!

We did spend a couple of days in Manchester – not at EasterCon unfortunately. From the tweets I saw it seemed everyone who went had a blast! No, H and I went to a holiday show there the week before Easter. As I mentioned in my last blog we would quite like to spend some time over the winter in sunny (and inexpensive) climes once I’ve retired. It was very interesting, but we still haven’t made a decision as to what we want to do. I still have to retire!

Anyway we stayed in a very nice hotel with a restaurant and had a lovely relaxing time. I was rather entranced by the hotel across the road from us. It looked exceedingly interesting and certainly got my imagination going. It appeared to be very old, was built out of brown, ornately carved stone with tall turrets high up on each corner, which had me envisaging weird, desiccated, ancient vampires sitting up there watching and waiting. . . I’ve included a picture taken from my bedroom window and I’m sure you can see what I mean. Surprisingly enough I slept very well!


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