27th February 2016

How Time Flies By

marked-badgesWhere on earth has the beginning of 2016 gone to? It seems to be speeding by but then, judging by all the wonderfully talented people who have passed during January and February, I think I’ll be glad when we get into March.

This week I sent off book three “Bound” to Team JFB together with a two page synopsis (it took me almost as long to write as the 144k novel!), a keynote (don’t ask) and a paragraph explaining what the book was about (yeah I know – I couldn’t do it justice over two pages so a paragraph was never going to work). I have yet to hear back from Jo, but I suspect I’ll probably have to have another go!

Anyway this means I’m back to writing new stuff at last – what a relief to me and my significant other who has to put up with my manic moods when I’m not writing! I have actually two projects on the go, both of which I started after finishing the first draft of “Bound” and having sent off the second book “Cursed” to Nicola. Anyway tranquillity has returned to Casa Tingey – at least temporarily.

This isn’t to say we’re not busy. Howard has retired now and is spending a lot of time thinking about where we should spend our winters. Needless to say he’s looking for somewhere hot. I have told my boss, who is also a very good friend, that I’m leaving, but as he hasn’t even started looking for my replacement I think I have some time to go before that happens. Of course when I eventually do leave it will mean more time to write and if I can do it sitting in the sunshine by a swimming pool I shall be a very happy bunny indeed.


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