2nd December 2015

Cruising – Part Two

I had wanted to post a blog every few days whilst on with ship, but whilst struggling with the intermittent (and very expernsive) internet connection all I managed to do was post the same blog three times and couldn’t find a way of deleting it. Also my trusty Ipad didn’t want to play ball with including pictures. Ho hum!


I just couldn’t resist including a picture of these two little guys (they were actually huge) who were sitting just inside the onboard casino. Coincidentally I have two sumo daemons in my second book “Cursed”, though they’re certainly not as cute as these two fellows. In fact they’re not nice at all.

turtlesAnyway, I’m back in Blighty now and my holiday seems like a distant memory. I’ve managed to rectify my blog problems, though with some difficulty (I really shouldn’t be allowed to get involved with technology of any sort!).

The above picture was taken in the Dominican Republic from the path between the hotel lobby and our room. It was like the whole resort was built around a wildlife reserve. There were ducks, geese, peacocks and all manner of other birds together with fish and the turtles. A lovely setting, but I had to cover myself with insect repellent as it was also swarming with mosquitoes.

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